Our Community

Attention: Parental Guardians

Here within the pages of understanding, we are more than committed to providing parental guardians with resources geared to promote learning.  It is here, where your child will enter a community where education has been depicted as nothing more than knowledge and understanding.  Fortunately, many parents across the nation have come to learn that homeschooling their loved ones is a more precise and safer pathway to education. That stated, we are ready to assist your family in self-educating your student. Get started today by completing the following steps as your family embarks upon a journey of knowledge & understanding:  

Step 1:  View Interactive Curriculum.

Step 2:  View School Calendar.

Step 3:  Assess the task ahead with your family.

Step 4:  Complete a Student Registration Form.

Step 5:  Remit a ($50) Registration Fee.

The administration of In Depth Academy awaits your registration with open arms.  Our community is more than prepared to create a learning environment that will cater to the needs of your schedule.  Any Parental Guardian should expect support geared to make the transition from (traditional school to home school) an absolute success.  As you will learn after registering, your student's education is our concern and the hope of their future mandates excellence from our community.  We look forward to parent and student arrivals! 

Understanding Is Key,

In Depth Academy
Dorothea L. Joyner