Within great excitement, this institution is proud to claim that for the last (12) years, we have specialized in granting parents access to homeschooling resources. Any student desiring to attend (Pre-K through 12th Grade) can be admitted. Many parents have utilized this alternative method of educating their children as easy access to the interactive curriculum has made the transition from the local school system simple. In the face of a parent’s desire to educate their loved ones with the best resources available, this institution has created an online interactive curriculum geared towards empowering parental guardians across the nation.  Click here to view our “Interactive Curriculum” in order to ascertain the quality education your student will receive, if he/she becomes a student within our community!!! 


Having visited "Our Community" and viewed our "Interactive Curriculum", this institution requires that all prospective students apply to be admitted by completing and submitting a (Student Registration Form).  After remitting a [($50) Registration Fee], your child will be evaluated and placed within the proper curriculum. Any student desiring to attend (Pre-K through 12th Grade) must register before an ("Admission Application") can be issued.   Many parental guardians have joined this (alternative method of educating their children) as the success of many before them has encouraged participation. Our (online interactive curriculum) specializes where most academic institutions have failed.   We have created a comfortable learning environment for any family no matter the (economical handicaps).  Click here to complete our “Student Registration” form in order to (properly apply for the upcoming academic school year). Register your student in excellence today!!!! 


Welcome to the (2020-2021 Academic School Year) where this institution has partitioned your students educational experience into four (9) week sessions.   All students registered within (Pre-K through 12th Grade) will be required to adhere to our “School Calendar”. In times past, many parental guardians have found our “School Calendar” to be a helpful tool in their quest to educate more than one student.  That stated, we encourage parental guardians to closely view the “School Calendar” as a main part of your responsibility will be to maintain promptness in turning in assignments. This working instructional guide will keep both parental guardians and students from missing important dates as it relates to In Depth Academy.  Click here to view our “School Calendar” in order to stay in tune with all your student’s due dates and responsibilities.  Here within the pages of understanding, we believe in promptness which will lead to success in your endeavours!!! 


Home schooling is fun!  However, the responsibilities and duties of both parental guardians and students can become overwhelming.  It is here where preparation and a commitment to excellence has driven this institution to create a schedule that meets the needs of its community. Under no circumstances would growth be possible without the extended hand of “Corporate Partners”.  This assistance allows our institution to create a pathway in learning that far supersedes everything public education has to offer.  The most important ideology of acquiring an education is marketing. Yes, desiring to enter the job market is the ultimate end game. As continued support abound, a proper education should be viewed through the lens of marketability as the roots of marketing must be the primary source of our funding. Click here to ascertain the power of our “Corporate Partners” and to understand how a quality education has been made possible. Thank You, Partners!!!